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(SUNCHI GROUP) Jiangsu Sunchi New Energy Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise which is specially engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of solar air-conditioner, heat pump and solar water heater. F...更多

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ADD:Zhangnian Industrial Park, Huangtang Town, Zhenjiang City Jiangsu Province, China.

Heat pump

01: Heating : 30℃~50℃02: Running ambient -20℃~30℃ temp.03: DC inverter technology to sure heating capacity “0” loss when...

Multi self-protection functions: high & low pressure,high temp.,water flow and antifreeze protection. ...

DC inverter technology to sure heating capacity “0” loss when ambient temp.>-15℃;Heating (30℃~50℃) Cooling (5℃~20℃);Run...

Solar Water Heater

Flat Plate Solar Collector

Adopt German magnetic sputtering coating absorber, highly heating efficiency ,low heating transmission Imported CNC las...

Heat Pipe Solar Collector

The solar collector is consisted of glass vacuum tube with copper heat pipe and header pipe. The glass vacuum tube colle...

U Pipe Solar Collector

In each vacuum tube there is a U pipe with direct flow-through that is connected to the header pipe inside manifold. ...

Solar Air Conditioner

100% DC48V Solar Air Conditioner-off grid system

1.All power from solar2.connect 2-8pcs solar pv panel (max2000w)3.9000 BTU/12000BTU/18000BTU/24000BTU4.Have pv panel,inv...

ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-on grid system

1.solar hybrid type power from solar3.connect 2-8pcs solar pv panel (max2000w)4.runs on solar power & 220v/110v AC power...